Exploring ‘FashionHutGirl’ #BlingOn

So you always wanted to shine like a star… Accessorize like celebs! But worried about overdoing it? Or more still confused what to wear, what to match it with, how much to spend on it? 
I have been exploring the market for a long time now and finally came across some great stores that are selling these trendy earcuffs and double pearl rings at an affordable price. Delivering at your doorsteps scores brownie points too! Yay!

Now who doesn’t want to adorn some earcuffs this season… they have been ruling the fashion shows lately and our Bollywood Celebs love to flaunt them. So why should we be left behind? FashionHutGirl is one such store that operates from Instagram and Facebook to showcase their stuff and promise to deliver the products at your doorsteps (sometimes free of charge while at times, they do this at a nominal amount). This store is run by three vivacious Jain sisters – Kanika, Alika and Aanchal. Recently, they showered me with some of their exquisite pieces which I’m in love with.

The packaging was okayish but I liked the way they sent me the products with a personalized note. It adds to the delight of unpacking. The double pearl ring came in a box and I adored the quality. It looked beautiful on my finger and I’m sure you are aware of the fact that it is a hot-selling product and a must have for all fashion lovers. The cherry on the cake is the price that is just Rs. 175 (including shipping).

The earcuffs are glam and gradually becoming everyone’s favorite. They can be paired with a traditional as well as a western outfit, perhaps that is their USP. They look ultra chic and pep up your looks in seconds. There are clip on earcuffs like the famous leaf earcuff that Deepika Padukone adorned in her recent appearances and there are simple dangling earcuffs. Both look stylish and are comfortable to wear. Have a look at these tempting designs that FashionHutGirl is offering at just Rs. 200. Yay or Nay? 

If you are forever wondering how they would look on you, be assured they look fab on everyone. If you have doubts, best is to test it yourself. And it doesn’t cost much so what are you waiting for? Go grab your earcuffs and double pearl rings and spice up your outfits to stand out among your friends.
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